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May 31 2017

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sigh. i still have much to learn.

@herewaskendra me too, however I love prologues and I write them too. I notice Stephen King spend a few pages and then some more pages describing the other world or a specific scene I’m using King here b/c I just finish listening to Mr.Mercedes. I wouldn’t be hard on myself and you are an amazing writer- keep writing amazing words.

I’m guilty of overdescribing things. Flowery-language and excess exposition, are my Achilles heels. I admit it.

This actually is a very good, useful article for aspiring writers, though. 

May 27 2017

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Writing a historical novel means knowing how far they can travel on a horse, This is good info right here.

(via Pinterest)

Important thing to point out about travel by foot or horseback: if you’re traveling over mountains, you can basically cut those distances in half on a clean trail, and in thirds or quarters on a trail you have to blaze yourself. Although someone who’s been in the mountains for months or years may be able to travel at the paces listed above for several days at a clip. (For instance, it’s not uncommon for an Appalachian Trail thru-hiker, carrying about 30 pounds, to do 20 or even sometimes 25 miles a day, six days a week, once they’ve had enough time out there to build up into an endurance athlete.)

May 26 2017

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Mutations in Plains Zebra (Equus quagga)

  1. Nicknamed Marble, this zebra has an area of small scrambled stripes on it’s back, giving it a marbled look. [x]
  2. A reconstructed quagga-like animal, it’s legs clean, and it’s rump and belly nearly free of markings. The stripes it does have are fairly narrow for a plains zebra. It’s tail and mane are much lighter, and has a faint brown wash along it’s back.[x]
  3. Two reduced striped animals, the middle with a few stray stripes on it’s rump and legs, the one on the right has a nearly all white body and legs. Both have a fewer number of facial markings as well.[x]
  4. A diluted, brown striped adult zebra. Zebra foals are born brown and white, but this one didn’t seem to lose it’s baby colors. [x]
  5. An erythristic, gingery-brown striped beauty. [x]
  6. Blonde is a term applied to leucistic zebras. Albino is sometimes used for the really light animals, like this blue eyed and creamy tan striped one, however I keep reading that true albinism has not been recorded in equines, so I’m hesitant to use that term.[x]
  7. This abundistic has stripes that thicken and meld together on it’s back and neck, forming white spots.[x]
  8. Dotted and dashed with white on a black background, this heavily abundistic zebra has a very unique and striking look.[x]
  9. The back of this abundistic Burchell’s (E.q. burchellii) is so densely marked, it’s a nearly solid blanket of color ticked with a bit of white. The rest of it’s stripes and brown shadow stripes are jagged and messy.[x
  10. Unfortunately, without the help of the naturally camouflaged striped coat, this extremely dark abundistic foal was an easier target for predators and didn’t make it into adulthood. Still in it’s dark brown baby coat, it probably would look very similar to number 8 but with a darker face, smaller spots, and wider white stripes on it’s rump.[x]

This chart from MessyBeast is a great example of the differences in color morphs. While the graphic is specific to big cats, much of it does transfer to other species. 

May 03 2017

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May 02 2017

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Writing Tip April 8th

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Beyond this, consider how these professions might vary depending on who the customers are - nobles, or lower class. Are they good at their job or just scraping by? Do they work with lots of other people or on their own? City or village?

For younger characters:

  • Apprentice to any of the above
  • Messenger/runner
  • Page/squire
  • Pickpocket
  • Shop assistant
  • Student
  • Looks after younger siblings

(Images all from Wikimedia Commons)

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This is actually a really easy way to distinguish different types of magic users and decide which kind is right for your story!

Yes, I do teach creative writing: your opening scene


The opening scene is the most important piece of your novel. This scene determines whether your reader is pulled in or puts the book down. Here are some important do’s and don’ts.

DO write it as a scene, not a data dump. You may have a fantastic premise, a marvelous alternate history or post-apocalyptic world or magical realism to die for, but if you don’t engage your reader in an actual scene, you will bore them.

DO write a scene that immediately introduces a character that the reader can root for. Yes, I know Stephen King has had great success introducing victims that are then shortly afterward killed off. That’s a horror trope and we expect it. But if you are caught up in world-building and haven’t dreamed your way into a character who is worth following through 100,000 words of writing, your story is pointless. I have read many pieces of fiction by would-be writers who can’t grasp this essential concept, and without exception, they fail to engage the reader.

DO introduce the stakes right away. In case that’s a challenge that needs some exposition to develop, create some immediate stakes (a life threat works) that keep the tension high and the reader engaged until you can lay out the larger stakes.

DO begin in medias res, which means “in the middle of things.” Most beginning fiction writers make the mistake of starting too early in the plot. Meet the monster on page 1. 

DON’T include a flashback in the first chapter. Work on a scene, which means time is NOT compressed. It should include dialog, action, description, setting, and interior monolog. Keep everything happening within that scene for at least the first chapter. You can bring in a flashback in Chapter Three.

DON’T shift points of view within a single chapter. Let the reader establish a strong bond of interest (even if it’s with a POV villain) over the course of a whole chapter.

DON’T open the story with your character waking up unless it’s because she’s got a gun in her face (or a knife to her throat – you get what I mean). We don’t need to follow a character through their mundane daily routine. 

DON’T be coy. Beginning writers often have this idea that they need to hold back on revealing all their secrets – what’s in the box, who’s behind the curtain, where they’re going next, etc. Their well-meant plan is to slowly reveal all this over several chapters. Trust me on this one: tell your readers instead of keeping it a mystery. You WILL come up with more secrets to reveal. Your imagination is that good. Spill it now, and allow that revelation to add to the excitement.

April 29 2017


The girl that everyone knows but never talks to is a witch. If desperate, people got to her for solutions. She helps, but for a price. One day she comes to you in need of a favor, and in return she promises the memories she took from you nearly a year ago in a deal you no longer remember.

June 09 2015

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Backstage at Emilio Pucci AW15

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“L’histoire des Fleurs de Gio (Partie II): Ann; le Pétale” —
Photographer/Model: Ana Raga​

June 04 2015

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House Arryn - Andrew Gn Fall 2015

May 30 2015

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Small Sword

  • Dated: circa 1660
  • Culture: Dutch
  • Measurements: overall length 42 ½”inches (106.6cm); blade length 36½inches (91.4cm)
  • Provenance: Christie’s sale 5544

The grip of the sword has a 20th century rewrap. The German rapier blade is of flattened diamond in cross section and stamped at the fullers ‘IHN SOLINGEN’ on both sides.

May 28 2015

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these are actually turtles


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kilauea, one of the most active volcanoes on earth, has erupted continuously from its pu’u o’o vent since 1983, oozing one thousand degree fahrenheit lava at fifteen yards an hours across hawaii’s big island into the ocean. photos by (click pic) tom kualiig. brad lewis, bruce omori, cj kale and nick selway

May 26 2015

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Seriously the plane ride where the world blew up. Taken 10 seconds apart

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